WhatsApp reportedly working on Communities feature | News

Nov 09, 2021, 04:00AM ISTSource: ANI

Evidence is mounting that WhatsApp may be working on a Communities feature that could give admins the ability to create separate groups within a larger community. According to The Verge, the Communities feature appears to give group admins more power over groups. Admins may be able to invite new users via a Community Invite Link and then start messaging other members. It’s hard to tell how exactly these chats might look right now, but as per reports, they appear to be end-to-end encrypted. The community icons will be squares with rounded corners, a format that WhatsApp mistakenly enabled (and then quickly disabled) in October. There’s no word on when Communities will be officially rolled out. By working on a Communities feature, WhatsApp may be trying to close the widening gap between it and other messaging apps like Telegram and Signal.

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