WhatsApp wants to use your ‘legal name’: what this means for users

WhatsApp Payments users in India, here is an important update for you. The instant messaging app has started identifying the “legal” names of users who have enabled unified payment interface (UPI) based payment facility on its app. These are the names that users have in their bank accounts and hence may be different from their profile names. “When you use Pay on WhatsApp, other is i Users will be able to see your legal name. This is the same name as on your bank account,” WhatsApp says on its general question Page. These names will also be shown to the person to whom the user transfers the money or makes the payment. WhatsApp has started showing WhatsApp payment notifications to users in its app in this regard. The notification contains the WhatsApp FAQ page link detailing the legal name requirement.
what is behind this requirement
WhatsApp claims legal name is as required National Payments Corporation India (NPCI) guidance. It aims to reduce fraud in the UPI payment system.
How WhatsApp will know the ‘legal name’ of the users
The Facebook-owned company says it uses the phone numbers associated with users’ WhatsApp accounts to identify their bank account numbers. The name associated with the bank account is the name that will be shared. “When you use payments on WhatsApp, other UPI users will be able to see your legal name. This is the same name on your bank account,” the FAQ page reads.
WhatsApp lets users choose any name up to 25 characters long on the app as their profile name. Users can also add emoji to their profile name. However, the new requirement makes it mandatory for users of its payment service to share their name as per their bank accounts while signing up for the WhatsApp payments feature.
whatsapp payment in india
WhatsApp is working hard to increase the adoption of its payment service in the country. WhatsApp Payments was launched in beta in India in 2018. The service came out of beta in November 2020. Last month, WhatsApp received NPCI’s nod to expand the service to 100 million users. The company recently also started giving cashback to the users.
Globally, WhatsApp Payments is available in a limited number of countries (India and Brazil) and on specific devices. WhatsApp users can send and receive money to friends and family using the service. The company plans to expand this business in the near future.

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