WhatsApp will warn businesses violating its commerce policy, developing new ‘kept’ message section: report

According to details shared by the feature tracker, WhatsApp is reportedly working on a feature to warn businesses that violate the company’s commerce policy. The alert will appear above the chat list, informing companies about the policies of the meta-owned firm and limited to WhatsApp Business accounts. Meanwhile, the messaging service is also working on adding a new section that will allow users to view messages they’ve chosen to “keep” messages from disappearing chats — another feature that’s currently in development. Is.

according to a report good Feature tracker by WABetaInfo, the company is developing a warning banner for whatsapp business Accounts that have violated the Company’s Commerce Policy. This feature was seen a few days after the messaging service announced It was giving all businesses and developers access to its cloud-based APIs. The warning reads “WhatsApp use is at risk” followed by “To continue using WhatsApp, start following the policy”. According to the tracker, the banner may be shown as a warning before businesses can ban their account in the future.

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Screenshot of the warning banner seen by the feature tracker on WhatsApp Business
photo credit: WABetaInfo

Last year, WhatsApp it was updated commercial policy For businesses offering goods and services for sale, informing them they must comply with the policy. WhatsApp Commerce Policy Drugs (prescription, recreational, or otherwise), tobacco, alcohol, unsafe swallowable supplements, weapons, ammunition, explosives, live animals, animal parts, adult products, body parts and liquids, medical devices, Bans the sale of dating. services, theft, subscription services, fraudulent goods and services, real, virtual, or counterfeit currency, among other restricted products and services.

Meanwhile, the company was also spotty We are working on a new feature that allows users to view messages they have saved from disappearing conversations. Discovered by Feature Tracker last monthWhatsApp is developing a feature that will allow users to “keep” certain messages that are set to disappear. The company is now working on a section on WhatsApp Desktop contact information And group information section. The title of the new section is message placed and is located under starred message options, as per the screenshot shared by WABetaInfo.

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New “Kept Messages” section spotted on WhatsApp desktop
photo credit: WABetaInfo

While the feature has been spotted on the beta version of WhatsApp Desktop, the feature is also expected to arrive on future versions of WhatsApp for Android and WhatsApp for iOS, according to the tracker. The company is also reportedly working on a way to identify which messages are kept from disappearing conversations, but WABetaInfo has yet to share details about how this will work. No word currently on when missing messages and the ability to “keep” new ones keep message The section will be rolled out to users, and the service has yet to officially announce any details of the feature that is currently in development.

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