Woman kills husband, surrenders before police

A 46-year-old realtor was allegedly bludgeoned to death by his wife in Madanayakanahalli on Saturday night. The woman surrendered before the police soon after attacking him with an iron rod and alleged that her husband was forcing her to be part of a wife-swapping deal with one of his relatives.

The deceased has been identified as Swamy Raj, a resident of Harokyathanahalli village, who married to Netra, 35, a beautician, after separating from his first wife.

According to the police, the incident took place around 10 p.m. when the couple had a fight over him asking her to be part of the swap. Enraged, she attacked him when he was asleep, the police said, adding that soon after confirming the death, she reached Madanayakanahalli police and informed about the incident. She was taken into custody for further investigations, the police said.

However, Raj’s first wife Satyakumari told the police that Netra and Raj were married five years ago and often were fighting over a property dispute, which is the real motive for the murder. She filed a case with Madanayakanalli police, an investigation officer added.

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