World Password Day 2022: World Password Day 2022: How secure are password managers

Passwords are important when it comes to privacy, online security and protecting your data. It’s World Password Day Experts Feather norton explain the importance of Password Managers and what makes them an important tool for your digital security.
Daily tasks like checking email, posting on social media, buying movie tickets, ordering groceries online require remembering and entering passwords. In fact, one study found that the average person now has about 100 passwords.
It’s a bad idea to reuse passwords or use weak passwords like dog’s name, birthday, or that notoriously insecure password: 12345. On the other hand, remembering dozens of strong passwords is impossible.
Your email, bank, online shopping, healthcare, social media and work accounts—do you use the same password for them all? The risk is clear. If a cybercriminal gets a password, they can access all of your accounts. A cybercriminal who arrives in your email can quickly reset the passwords for the accounts you’ve linked to, such as the accounts you use to manage your finances. Many passwords are difficult to remember, but not as difficult as cleaning up the mess of a cybercriminal who gains access to online accounts you want to protect.
To answer all password related questions, comes Password Manager: a tool that will generate and store complex passwords, unique to each of your online accounts.
A password manager, also called a password vault, is a software application to store and organize your username and password. When selecting the best password manager for your needs, you want to find a quality, encrypted solution from a trusted provider that enables you to sync passwords across your computer and mobile devices. All you have to do is remember one master password to unlock them all.
password manager may vary and may provide some of the following services:
Syncing across devices
Family Sharing
Autofill information on forms
Encrypted file storage vault for your financial and other sensitive data
Industry-standard encryption
Security Questions and Answers
Two-factor authentication or multi-factor authentication
24/7 Customer Service
To create complex and strong passwords, your password manager uses encryption algorithms that can be difficult to decipher. Most importantly, you should use a separate generated password for each login to keep your information out of the hands of hackers. Each algorithm-generated password includes a combination of upper and lowercase letters, symbols, and numbers, which are unpredictable.
A password manager will not only provide a strong password, but it can also simplify your life by making account access easier for you and more difficult for hackers. While a password manager can require a bit of a learning curve, it is much better than having your accounts hijacked because you stored your passwords incorrectly.
Good Password Management Rules
Follow these dos and don’ts for good password management to help keep your passwords secure:
to-do lists
use complex passwords
Use unique passwords for each account
Use a combination of uppercase and lowercase letters, numbers and symbols, not dictionary words
Keep your password private
Use a password manager to store your passwords more securely
Use an easy to guess password
Use the same password for multiple accounts
Use baby or pet names, or words found in the dictionary
Share your passwords with others
Keep the password on your computer in a plain text file or write it down on a sticky note

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