Xbox: Microsoft plans to release Xbox Streaming Stick by next year

Microsoft wants to bring xbox For everyone instead of bringing everyone to Xbox. Under its Xbox Everywhere program, Microsoft is expanding the ways users can access Xbox anytime, anywhere, and xbox cloud gaming The platform is a prime example. Earlier this month, Microsoft added Fortnite to its cloud gaming platform, allowing anyone to stream it on any device, anytime, and for free. The Redmond-based giant is planning to release a streaming device next year to further expand its reach.
According to a recent report by Venture Beat citing “people familiar with the development,” Microsoft is working on an Xbox cloud gaming streaming device, probably a Streaming Stick, which is expected to arrive in the next 12 months. You can expect it to look something like this heroineFire TV Stick, which will allow users to stream games from the Game Pass library in addition to the usual movies and TV shows like other streaming devices. However, expect early supply constraints due to the ongoing war situation in Ukraine and the lockdown in China.
In addition to a dedicated streaming device, Microsoft is also working with samsung Samsung to bring Xbox cloud gaming service to TVs. Microsoft is developing an Xbox Cloud Gaming app for Samsung TVs, which will allow users to stream games to the company’s TVs without the need for an external streaming device. The app is also expected to be released next year.
There is no information on whether the streaming device or the Samsung TV app will be available in India.

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