Xbox: Microsoft Xbox Streaming Stick and Xbox app delayed for another 12 months

About a year and a half ago, Microsoft Gaming CEO Phil Spencer confirmed that he would be launching a new xbox Apps for TVs and a Smart Streaming Stick that will allow users to play Xbox games directly on their TVs. The company had once again confirmed this in June last year.
However, a new report from Venture Beat suggests that Microsoft will launch xbox streaming stick In about 12 months. This means that the company has delayed the launch of the device that was promised last year to be delivered over the next 12 months.
The report claimed that the delay in the launch of Xbox Streaming Stick is due to the current situation in Ukraine and supply chain constraints due to the lockdown in China.
While the features of the Xbox Streaming Stick are pretty much unknown, expect the fact that it will offer xbox cloud gaming and allow players to pair an Xbox controller or other compatible controllers to play the game.
The Streaming Stick will have the same design statement as the Amazon Fire TV Stick or any other streaming stick like the Nvidia Shield. It is also expected that the streaming stick will offer the ability to stream movies, shows, etc. through OTT apps and services.
In addition to the Streaming Stick, Microsoft is teaming up with Samsung to develop an Xbox app for Samsung Smart TVs. And, the app is also expected to arrive in the next 12 months.

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