Xbox: The Microsoft Xbox mobile app gets a new Instagram-like Stories feature

Microsoft have updated it xbox Mobile apps on Android and iOS with a new sharing feature that allows users to share game highlights or key moments Snapchat Or a format like Instagram Stories, as The Verge reports.
The new sharing format for Xbox is compatible with screenshots, gameplay clips, and achievements. Users can access the new sharing feature on the Xbox mobile app by tapping on the ‘+’ button placed next to the gamer tag.
According to the official statement, the stores will be visible to other players on the friend list for 72 hours. Microsoft has also confirmed that a new network Management feature is coming to Xbox in the future.
This also stories The feature is currently rolling out in Australia and will be rolling out to other regions soon.
In addition, Microsoft has announced a new Quality of Service (QoS) tagging feature for the Xbox console. This feature is now available under the Advanced section of the Network Settings menu.
The new feature is designed to prioritize traffic for services dependent on network speed. This includes multiplayer gaming, party chat, and more. Microsoft has also put up a support page for the feature and according to the page, this feature will only work over a network or with service providers supporting the feature.

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