Xbox Twitter: The Halo crossover between us may be getting

among us The social deduction-cum-murder was the mystery game that grew in popularity last year and has actually become one of the most popular mobile games in the world. Now, it looks like the game is all set to receive a new content update, partnered with aura Voting. The game’s Twitter handle recently posted a screenshot of the game attached where you can see a character in the middle named “Spartan 117”. master Chiefof armor, with a weapon that also appears to be inspired by a halo. The tweet reads:
“Take care
@ Hi
The eunuch is coming for you… very soon.”

This also xbox twitter The account also posted a screenshot of us asking, “Master Chief, you’re telling us what you’re doing on this ship?”

From the teaser, it looks like Among Us may soon be adding Halo-themed gear and accessories. There could also be a new Halo-inspired game mode, if we’re allowed to stretch our imagination a bit. in partnership with Microsoft, the team among us is ready to expand the boundaries of its game studio. Halo Crossover could also bring new players to the murder-mystery game: hello infinity Little came out recently, looking at the launch in the franchise, and saw a renewed interest in the player base.
If you want to get some action between us again or haven’t tried the game yet, here are our detailed tips and tricks for both. crew member And Cheat In the game you should take a look. It’s here to survive and win.

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