Xiaomi: Xiaomi introduces a new battery replacement program starting at Rs 499 in India

Xiaomi has introduced a new battery replacement service for its users. Xiaomi has announced its new ‘Battery Replacement Program’ for users in India. The company claims that this new initiative will make it easier for users to change the battery of their smartphone when needed. To replace the battery, users will have to pay a fixed price of Rs 499. The smartphone maker also says that customers will have to visit an authorized Xiaomi service center to get the battery replaced.
As announced by Muralikrishnan B, COO, Xiaomi India, Xiaomi customers can now get their Xiaomi and Redmi smartphones replaced. Battery replacement program starts at Rs.499. Muralikrishnan took to Twitter to make the announcement. He tweeted, “It’s time to say goodbye to your battery woes! Visit your nearest #Xiaomi authorized service center & get your old battery replaced; Get a fresh & recharged experience All this, starting at just Rs.499 It happens.”

Customers should note that the price of the battery will depend on the price of their smartphone. This means users of an entry-level Xiaomi smartphone will have to pay less and the cost of replacing the battery will increase depending on the price of their smartphone.
Xiaomi smartphone users can also book an appointment to visit the service center in advance using the Xiaomi Service+ app.

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