YouTube allows fans and creators to gift paid channel subscriptions

youtube has rolled out a feature that allows users — both fans and creators — to gift paid channel subscriptions to each other. According to a report by Engadget, several influential streamers have tweeted about the announcement made by the Google-owned video streaming platform. This feature could become a new monetization tool for creators and many of them were excited about this new feature from YouTube. Many content streamers believe that gifting subscription tools can be an easy way to generate revenue as well as help them build their community.
What is the new Gifting Membership feature?
The gifting subscription feature is nothing new as the tool has already been popularized by YouTube Gaming’s primary competitor — Twitch, YouTube has been blocking this much-awaited feature for some time now and has finally released the tool for some selected regions. Initially, YouTube tested the gifting subscription feature for its users in Japan in 2022. This feature is still in its beta phase and will now be available to all users. youtube gaming in US and UK.
How much does a YouTube Gaming subscription cost?
Currently, fans can access user badges, emotes and other exclusive content by their favorite creators by paying $4.99 (approximately Rs.385). To compete with Twitch, YouTube Gaming has also released a number of other features such as Live Redirect which allows streamers to redirect fans to other streams or premieres.
Why might streamers choose YouTube Gaming over Twitch?
In recent years, many high-profile streamers have turned down Twitch to join YouTube Gaming. However, Twitch remains the largest US-based platform for live streaming. Last month, there were reports of Twitch partners getting a small cut in revenue from subscriptions as part of a new monetization model introduced by the Amazon-owned platform. Reports suggested that revenue for Twitch partners will drop to 50 percent from the previous 70 percent.
In contrast, YouTube Gaming charges only 30 percent of the streamer’s revenue from channel subscriptions. However, that could change if the popular Twitch creators join the Google-owned streaming service and YouTube Gaming gets a bigger audience. recently, Google Updated its policy for personal loan apps in India. Check out the new Play Store rules here.

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