YouTube brings green screen feature for these users

manufacturer using youtube shorts Now you’ll be able to incorporate other users’ content into your videos. Google-owned video streaming platform starts rolling out green screen feature for YouTube Shorts the user. This new feature will allow creators to include up to 60 seconds of an eligible YouTube VOD or short that can be used as the background for their original content. YouTube’s new green screen feature allows creators to include both video and audio from a sample clip.
youtube short green screen facility availability
However, Youtube has started rolling out this feature only for iOS the user. This feature will be enabled for Android user at a later date. The company is yet to confirm the official Android launch date.
How to Enable YouTube Shorts Green Screen Feature
Users can access the Green Screen feature through the three-dots menu available in the YouTube Shorts app.
How to Deactivate YouTube Shorts Green Screen Feature
Creators can also disable the Green Screen Sharing feature via youtube studio If they don’t want others to use their long-form video on one or more shorts. However, creators will be able to see a link to the original video in Shorts Player every time someone uses others’ content.
Other features YouTube recently introduced
Apart from the Green Screen feature, the Google-owned video platform also announced the Cut functionality last month. Creators can use this feature to add up to five seconds of footage from an eligible short or YouTube video to their clip. One such feature named Remixing has played a key role in the success of Tiktok. to compete TIC TocYoutube follows suit by providing similar tools to its users.
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