YouTube introduces new improvement feature, allowing users to leave a correction note for viewers

Editing any video is a cumbersome process and in case of youtube, users should either mention in the description those changes which have a high probability of going unnoticed by the viewers. Another option was to delete, edit, and re-upload the video, costing creators a whole lot of views and comments on that particular video.
According to a report in The Verge, to solve this problem, YouTube has introduced a new feature called ‘Improvements’.
The correction feature allows content creators to add correction notes at a specific timestamp that appears as an infocard in the upper right corner of the video along with the correction notes. Viewers will also have the option to read correction notes and video descriptions.
After a video is uploaded, creators can add corrections that will appear as an infocard in the upper right corner of the video on the relevant timestamp (but it seems, for the first correction in a given video). Viewers can then click on the card to enlarge the correction notes in the description of the video.
While the Improvement feature is not exactly what the name implies, it is actually a very important feature for content creators.

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