YouTube Music tests new filter options for Up Next in radio playlists: Report

YouTube Music has reportedly started testing new filters for Up Next songs in the radio queue in the mobile app. Since this new feature is currently under testing, it is only visible to a limited number of users. The new filters appear on radio-generated playlists and will let users choose what’s playing next. YouTube Music already allows users to create playlists based on individual songs. It also lets you listen to a list of songs available on a particular radio station.

The ‘Up Next’ queue had new filters informed of By a user named “hanubecki” on Reddit, as spotty 9to5by google. The filters reportedly appear when users are actively playing from a list of radio-generated songs on the app. Users will get these filters which they can tap to customize what comes next. According to the report, these filters provide users with recommendations and show what’s more familiar to them, along with new “All,” “Familiar,” “Recommend,” and “Instrumental” options on the Music app.

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YouTube Music appears in the Up Next queue with a series of filters
photo credit: reddit/hanbeki

on user redditThose who first reported this feature suggest that it includes filters Youtube Music The app varies by song, and is only visible for the radio-generated song queue.

As mentioned, this update to the YouTube Music app is currently in the testing phase and appears to be limited to a few users only. Gadgets 360 was not able to independently verify the availability of the filter as reported at the time of filing this article.

Google It has been actively trying to enhance the user experience for the past few months by adding new features to its YouTube Music app through updates. In January of this year, YouTube Music debuted show Users will be presented with a personalized ‘Recommended Radio’ tab in the mobile app with up to 10 radio stations with cover art in radio waves in the background with a photo of the artist or album art and the YouTube Music logo.

In addition, the YouTube Music app also advanced Radio algorithms and additional features like Family OS and Wear OS Shuffle to show more artists in April

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